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Terms and Conditions

PawsPetCare reserves the right to change and/or update these terms and conditions as and when it is necessary to do so.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with these changes and/or updates. By using this site and/or contracting the services of PawsPetCare, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Duty of care

  1. PawsPetCare shall be responsible for ensuring that it complies with all statutes, regulations, byelaws, standards, code of conduct and any other rules relevant to the provision of its pet care services.

  2. PawsPetCare shall perform its pet care services in an attentive, reliable and caring manner, whilst using all reasonable skill and care and having due regard to these terms and conditions and any relevant information set out in the booking form.

  3. PawsPetCare accepts that any change in a pet's routine can cause varying degrees of distress and unpredictable or abnormal behaviour, particularly if their owner is on holiday.  Pets have no concept or ability to understand that their absence is temporary and they will be coming back.  This is completely understood so comfort and reassurance is offered, whilst trying as far as is practically possible to maintain the pet’s normal daily routine.

  4. PawsPetCare shall use their sole discretion and take whatever action is necessary in the event of extreme weather conditions, e.g. high temperatures and thunderstorms, which may have an adverse effect on the pet.  This will include not carrying out scheduled exercise until it is, in its opinion, safe to do so.

  5. PawsPetCare shall provide the pet owner with informative texts before, sometimes during and after each booking that is completed in the absence of the client,

  6. The client shall inform PawsPetCare of any behavioural problems regarding their cat(s) and/or dog(s).  This must be done prior to confirmation of a booking.

  7. The client agrees to provide all the items necessary for their pet(s) to be adequately cared for in their absence which includes but is not limited to food, medication, collars, leads, name tags, poo bags, cat litter, cleaning materials.  Should additional supplies be required to carry out the services as outlined on the booking form, the client agrees to pay the bill for any such items.



  1. PawsPetCare agrees to undertake an initial free home visit for all new clients so that both parties, i.e. PawsPetCare and the client, are happy to undertake the booking.

  2. PawsPetCare agrees to supply its pet care services as discussed and agreed with the client at the time of booking.  The details of this service shall be outlined on the PawsPetCare booking form which both parties agree to sign. Upon signing the booking form the client is deemed to have accepted PawsPetCare’s terms and conditions as laid out herein.

  3. In addition to the booking form, the client agrees to provide PawsPetCare with all the necessary and essential information regarding the care of their pet(s) by helping PawsPetCare to complete its pet care profile 'It's all about me!’ and signing to confirm that the information provided to PawsPetCare is true to the best of his/her information, knowledge and belief.

  4. PawsPetCare shall send a confirmation letter to the client, together with a copy of the signed booking form.


Payment and fees

  1. PawsPetCare will charge the client for its pet care services as agreed at the time of booking and the client agrees to pay promptly for such services.

  2. PawsPetCare accepts payment either by cash, cheque made payable to ‘Ms H Balderson’ or BACS.

  3. Upon receipt of an invoice, monies due must be paid within three working days.  If the monies are not paid at this time 2.5% of the total bill will be added for each day that payment is overdue.

  4. From time to time PawsPetCare offers discounts for regular use of its services.  For further details phone 07973 782245 or email

  5. The client agrees to reimburse PawsPetCare for any additional fees for providing emergency care, as well as any expenses incurred for, without limitation, unexpected visits, transportation, housing, food or supplies on proof of a valid receipt.

  6. The client agrees to pay a fee of £15 for any returned cheques.

  7. PawsPetCare reserves the right to increase their prices at any time. Existing clients will be notified no less than 10 working days prior to any changes.



  1. In the event of the client cancelling the booking, the client agrees to pay PawsPetCare a fee which is equal to; a) 100% of the fee if cancellation occurs within 7 days prior to the booking and b) 50% of the fee if cancellation occurs within 15 - 8 days prior to the booking.  N.B.  Exceptional circumstances may apply whereby a cancellation fee is not payable.

  2. Without prejudice to clause 1 within the section pertaining to 'Aggressive or unsocial animals', in the event of PawsPetCare cancelling its services PawsPetCare shall either; a) attempt to arrange alternative services or providers to a value and quality that would have been provided; or b) refund any monies already paid as referred to on the signed booking form; and in either case provide 24 hours’ notice wherever possible or if this is not practical, such as in cases of emergency, provide notice as soon as is reasonably possible.


Dog Walking

  1. PawsPetCare shall walk each dog on a lead unless agreed otherwise between both parties and an ‘Off-lead Permission form’ is signed by the client and only when PawsPetCare and the dog(s) are accustomed to one another.

  2. PawsPetCare shall reserve the right to reduce the time of a dog walk due to extreme weather conditions in order to ensure the safety of both the dog(s) and pet carer.  Professional judgement will be applied and in such a case as this a partial refund may be given at the discretion of PawsPetCare.

  3. The client is responsible for making sure the dog(s) has an appropriate collar and suitable lead for every walk.

  4. Wherever possible the client agrees to ensure that; a) a dog tag containing the client’s up to date contact details is attached to the dog’s collar and/or b) the dog is microchipped and registered with up to date contact details of the client.



  1. The client is responsible for making sure their cat(s) and/or dog(s) are in general good health and up to date with their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.

  2. The client accepts full responsibility to ensure PawsPetCare is fully aware of any medical and/or health issues the pet is experiencing, or has experienced in the past.  PawsPetCare cannot be held liable for any actions or omissions which result in problems or complications for non-disclosure of any such issues.

  3. IMPORTANT - please be aware that bookings are not accepted without a completed and signed Veterinary Medical Care Release form.

  4. In the unlikely event that the pet should fall ill and require veterinary treatment whilst in the care of PawsPetCare, the client is entirely responsible for all vet’s costs and agrees to pay the total bill of any care and/or treatment incurred.  Arrangements for this will be covered and agreed by both parties during the initial home visit.

  5.  Should the pet fall ill and/or require veterinary treatment PawsPetCare shall use all reasonable efforts to notify the client as agreed at the time of booking.  In the event that PawsPetCare is unable to contact the client, or in an emergency situation, PawsPetCare shall, if in their professional opinion the pet requires veterinary attention/treatment, make arrangements as necessary in the best interests of the pet. 

  6. The client authorises PawsPetCare to arrange for any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary during the provision of their pet care services. 

  7. PawsPetCare shall use its best efforts to use the pet’s normal veterinary surgeon wherever possible.The client authorises PawsPetCare to appoint an alternative veterinary surgeon to examine the pet and carry out such care and/or treatment as may be appropriate if the pet’s normal veterinary surgeon is not available.

  8. All veterinary bills pertaining to the care and/or treatment of the client’s pet shall be directly chargeable to the client.  The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst the pet(s) is in the care of PawsPetCare.

  9. PawsPetCare shall follow the instructions given on the booking form but cannot be held liable for any complications which may arise as a result of said instructions.


Keys and key collection

  1. Where it is necessary for PawsPetCare to hold keys to the client’s property, the client shall provide one of each key needed.  Keys will be coded and kept within a locked system for security.

  2. Keys will be returned upon completion of the booking providing all fees due have been paid.

  3. A small charge may apply for the collection and/or return of the client’s key.


Property care

  1. PawsPetCare shall clean up after the client’s pet(s) to the best of its ability.

  2. The client shall make available to PawsPetCare any cleaning equipment and/or materials necessary to enable PawsPetCare to clean up in the event of any ‘mishaps’ within their property.

  3. PawsPetCare shall not be held liable or responsible for any stains, marks or damage caused by any such ‘mishaps’.

  4. Charges may apply for cleaning where the time or number of occurrences exceeds what would be considered to be acceptable.

  5. Should there be any damage to the client’s property and/or possessions during their absence, however caused by the pet, it shall be recorded by PawsPetCare and where, in its opinion it is deemed to be serious, PawsPetCare shall attempt to inform the client and/or the client’s emergency contact as soon as is reasonably practical by whatever means is available at the time.  Any costs incurred by PawsPetCare as a direct result of this, eg. administration costs and/or costs of providing man power, may be recoverable from the client.



  1. PawsPetCare shall ensure that it has in place at all times suitable and valid insurance that shall include Public Liability insurance relative to the provision of its pet care services.

  2. It is agreed by both parties that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the property, its contents and pet(s) are adequately insured throughout the duration of the pet care services provided by PawsPetCare.



  1. The client shall accept full liability and responsibility for any event occurring or arising from the behaviour or characteristics of the pet.

  2. The client shall indemnify PawsPetCare against any damage or injury caused by the pet towards any property, person or other animal, this will include, but is not limited to veterinary, medical and legal fees.

  3. PawsPetCare shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the client’s property or possessions or that of others caused by the pet during the period the pet is in its care.  The client agrees to indemnify PawsPetCare against any such claims as may be made against it arising out of or in connection with this clause.

  4. PawsPetCare accepts no responsibility or liability for the security of the client’s property or premises, or any loss or damage which may be sustained as the result of action taken by third parties who also have access to the client’s property or premises either before, during or after the pet care services provided by PawsPetCare.

  5. PawsPetCare shall not be liable for the injury, loss, death or any actions, fines or penalties as may be imposed on the pet(s) permitted unsupervised access to the outdoors.

  6. PawsPetCare will care for the pet as the client would, and whilst PawsPetCare will make every effort to ensure the safety of the pet and that he/she is well looked after in the client’s absence, PawsPetCare cannot be held liable for any loss, illness or injury of any pet whilst in its care, nor for any death of a pet unless PawsPetCare can be shown to be negligent.

  7. The client is responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from any injury caused directly or indirectly by the pet to the pet carer and/or any other third party.

  8. The client shall fully indemnify PawsPetCare in respect of costs and damages arising from any claim from any person suffering either injury or death caused by the client’s pet.


Aggressive or unsocial animals

  1. Should any pet become aggressive or dangerous, PawsPetCare shall, in their sole discretion, take whatever action is considered necessary in the best interests of the animal, other animals or people which may be encountered whilst in its care.  This may, without limitation, include; a) a refusal to offer its pet care services and immediate termination of the booking; b) obtaining assistance from a vet, the RSPCA or the police; c) placing the pet in a boarding kennel/cattery.

  2. Any fees and costs incurred in taking such action pursuant to clause 1 above shall be directly chargeable to and recoverable from the client.

  3. PawsPetCare shall not be liable to the client for any refund of fees where the client has not specified the behaviour and characteristics of the pet at the time of booking and shall terminate the booking pursuant to clause 1 above.


Privacy policy

  1. PawsPetCare shall not use or pass to a third party any information relating to the client, their property and pet(s).

  2. PawsPetCare is committed to ensuring that all the client’s personal details are securely kept and all information relating to the client, their property and pet(s) will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Please note that PawsPetCare will aim to update its site regularly and may change the content at any time without prior notice.


. . . simply for the love of animals

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