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Canine care

Dogs are great fun and immensely rewarding.  As man’s best friend they enjoy interacting with us as much as we do with them.  They too appreciate their daily routines and home environment, so if for any reason you’re not able to be with them then I can help.   


Dog walking


PawsPetCare specialises in providing walks on a one-to-one* basis where your dog can be walked for an hour either on or off the lead, although prior written consent is required, and in order to maintain their interest he/she will be taken on a variety of walks**


My dog walking service is tailor-made especially for them and whether it’s a one-off walk or walks on a regular basis that is absolutely fine.  You may also find you’ve been delayed or have run out of time, so if a last minute walk is required then please give me a call and if it’s early in the morning, or late in the day, I will be glad to help. 


I collect your dog from their home and upon their return I will always make sure their paws are clean and, if necessary, towel dry their coats and remove any mud.  Before leaving, I make sure he/she is comfortable and has an adequate supply of fresh water.


*Dogs from the same home are walked together unless otherwise requested.

**Specific walks are available upon request, as are shorter or longer walks.


Home visits


PawsPetCare offers a dog visiting service too.  Perhaps a longer walk is not required or maybe you have a new puppy or an elderly dog who need some interactive play time or social interaction.  If this service suits their needs better and meets with your requirements, I will visit him/her once or twice a day for half an hour each time or longer if necessary.  I can either let them out in the garden or take them for a quick stroll around the block; it’s entirely up to you.


Please call PawsPetCare on 07973 782245 to discuss your requirements and arrange your free home visit.


. . . simply for the love of animals

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