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Feline care

Cats are very attached to their home and placing them in a cattery can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.  Let PawsPetCare take care of them while you are away; I will follow their normal routine as far as is reasonably possible, assess any changes in behaviour and take appropriate action when necessary.


Not only will I take care of the essentials – feeding (n.b. clean bowls are provided at every feed), changing water, daily cleaning of their litterbox and any little mishaps – but I will also spend true quality time with your cat by providing him/her with lots of love, cuddles and attention.  Cats love to play too so don't forget to let me know if he/she has a favourite toy!


I can visit your cat once or twice a day dependent upon their requirements and will stay with them for at least half an hour (or longer if requested).


Please call PawsPetCare on 07973 782245 to discuss your requirements and arrange your free home visit.


. . . simply for the love of animals

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